Academic Services

Career Services

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院Our Career Services Specialists offer multiple services to students and alumni to assist them in attaining their career goals. Services include, but are not limited to: career and employment counseling, employment-readiness workshops, job listings, on-campus recruiting, and career fairs.

Educational Access Services

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院Education Access Services (EAS) provides support for students with documented disabilities. Accommodations for students with documented disabilities include, but are not limited to: testing accommodations, alternate format textbooks, adaptive software, note-taking assistance, and classroom furniture modifications.

Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success (OSS) advises all Provisional Baccalaureate (PB) students admitted starting in summer 2013. The PB program allows students whose admissions scores fall just below the bachelor's cut off, the opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree while receiving additional advising and academic support. The primary role of the OSS is to assist PB students in developing the skills they need to successfully transition to their desired Baccalaureate program.

Testing Center

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院The Testing Center offers a variety of testing services to students, alumni, and the community including, but not limited to: assessment of academic skills for course placement (ACCUPLACER), credit by exam programs, Mesa Online exams, GED, graduate and professional schools admission exams, and proficiency, license, and certification exams.

Tutorial Learning Center

The Tutorial Learning Center (TLC) provides free peer-tutoring services to aid students in achieving their academic goals. Services provided by tutors include, but are not limited to: providing study tips; reviewing concepts; giving feedback on assignments; assisting students in using an instructor's directions, the class textbooks, syllabi and materials more effectively; reinforcing what students already know; and offering encouragement.

Student Learning Outcomes