How to Get Rocket League for Free PS4

How to get Rocket League for free PS4


how to get rocket league for free ps4 2017


Do you have PlayStation 4 that is just lying around the house waiting for you to use it and have fun? If you have, and you are also interested in the free games of football with rocket powered cars, then this is for you. With PS Plus you get some free games, and Rocket League might be an excellent choice for playing.

Rocket League, designed by Psyonix, is a vehicular soccer computer game. It is available for the users to play on PS4, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Linux. It became available on PS4 in July 2015 when it was first released alongside Microsoft Windows.

It looked its makers were not able to get the game as famous as they wanted. Therefore, to better market the game, they engaged in promotions and called the game a free download for PS Plus members.

Rocket League is a basic idea game that offers huge amounts of replayability and fun. You drive rocket-powered cars and trucks. The game takes place around an encased soccer pitch. From that point, it is essentially soccer. You will probably pass, shoot, protect, and score a larger number of goals than your rival. The game incorporates single-player and multiplayer modes which can be played both locally and on the internet. It also includes cross-stage play between the PS4 and Microsoft Windows. You can play offline in a Season Mode, online in rank matches. Your vehicles are extremely customizable and feature over a billion extraordinary imaginative mixes.

Different websites let you download the ISO file for PS4. Once the file is downloaded, you would see an RAR file of Rocket League. Do remember to have RAR file opener installed beforehand so that you could easily download the file. The downloaded file, when opened, would start installing the game on your computer.

Simple steps to download Rocket League

  1. Click on the ISO file. Download link of Rocket League.
  2. The link would redirect you to PS4 ISO redeem code portal. Download the redeem code of PS4 for Rocket League by clicking on the button with Download Code written on it.
  3. After you download the redeem code, some websites ask you to file a survey which is not a big deal considering that you are getting this awesome game for free.
  4. After you are done with your survey, you would be asked to enter the redeem code and press Validate Redeem Code.
  5. Once the validation is complete, you are supposed to press the patch ISO file so that your game can be patched. You would be redirected to Rocket League PS4 downloading page where you can download the game.

You can also download it from MEGA where you would be asked to make an account. It would give you the freedom of downloading not only Rocket League but all sorts of games. Here you will get to download a zip file which has the setup of the game. Make a shortcut of the folder on the desktop. Click on the shortcut and the game is ready to run.

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